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What kind of music BODYYMIND ONE is playing?

BODYYMIND ONE  is playing Dance, House, Nu-Disco, Tropical House and all the hits that are perfect for fitness, dancing and coding. Perfect to get in your zone.

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What is the difference between BODYYMIND ONE and Spotify? 

BODYYMIND ONE has humans behind it, some of the best DJs on the planet, sounds designers, music curators and sports consultants. You get music from a team of super experts passionated about music and sound. BODYYMIND ONE is a radio station with no-ads and no talk ever. 

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Why is your sound so different?

Our sound is magnified for EarPods, smart speakers and bluetooth connected devices.We use topnotch hardware and software, all installed on secure servers with backup systems. Our sound designer is one the best in the world. We constantly innovate for the quality and enjoyability of our sound.

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Why is the music so good on your radio stations?

We use the best DJs from around the world equipped with  a proprietary music research tool to help with parameters such as danceability, BPM, audience satisfaction score, mood, energy, musical genre, musical keys. We operate with MusicMaster the world's most flexible and intuitive music scheduling system.


Programmed by some of the best DJs on the planet.

HD Immersive Surround Sound for AirPods & smart speakers.