As streaming platforms have emerged as the primary means of listening to music, artists, especially new talent, are increasingly having difficulties making a living from their work. 


Streaming services offer artists terribly low payouts. Artists continue to publicly slam the lack of royalties they receive from music streaming services.

With Spotify one million streams should earn the team only $4370.

90% of all streams on Spotify are now shared between only 43,000 artists over 25 million artists and creators. It's a crazy and relentless race for musicians to succeed and earn a living. 

“What Spotify pays me is not even enough to pay the musicians playing with me or the people working on the discs. It's not working. Something is going to have to give.” Beck 

BodyyMind One is a digital radio station, we are not a streaming platform. Around 30% of our revenue goes to various societies of composers, authors and publishers.

They collects and distributes royalties, thereby playing a crucial economic role to preserve musical creation. We also hire DJs, musicians and authors to emphasize our vision.