Have you thought about what you brand sounds like?

We create your radio station, we develop your audience and engage with them.


Well, you’re probably joining the dots here. Closer online contact with your customer base will generate greater customer loyalty and repeat purchases of your products. 


Like you we pride ourselves on the pursuit of excellence, whether that be in efficiencies, value or ethical standards. We pursue excellence in the ethical, fair compensation of the artists and songwriters that are featured on your station.


We use algorithms to lift music from multiple platforms to ensure your station is at the cutting edge of your demographic’s taste. You can promote your products to your customers and develop a stronger community in tune with your brand. 


We will deliver your radio station to the highest quality production, imagining and sound design standards currently available in the world!

Enjoy BODYYMIND ONE our demo station.

Imagine a music radio station that is the complete reflexion of your brand DNA. 

Your brand becomes a powerful and beautiful stream into the branding clutter by giving the content and personalities your consumers crave 24/7. 

You capture the attention of your customers and break through the clutter, turning indifferent consumers into brand super fans. 

No matter your product, no matter your industry, a branded digital music radio station will serve any brand well.