Programmed by some of the best DJs on the planet.

Today activities such as workout/working from home, coding and gaming are involving intense brain focus.

BODYYMIND ONE is made for this lifestyle growing at an exponential speed around the world. 

Unlimited listening 24/7 without ads. EVER!!!

HD Immersive Surround Sound for AirPods & smart speakers. 

Meet our team.

Saint Lanvain
BODYYMIND ONE DJ & Music Producer.

Saint-Lanvain was born in Paris on June 23, 1988. A vinyl enthusiast and DJ from a young age, his experience is well established. Saint-Lanvain's label is Universal Music.  He has already traveled around the world several times, thrilling crowds from Rio to Moscow, via Marrakech, Cannes, Paris, New York and the Cannes Film Festival.  Hailed as one of the prodigies of the French Touch, he progresses alongside artists like The Avener, with whom he regularly shares the decks.

Manhatan  aka Vincent Daubas
BODYYMIND ONE DJ & Music Producer.

Vincent Daubas or Manhatan is the resident DJ at Bagatelle New-York, Dubai, Miami, and St-Tropez. He is also the DJ for Jennifer Lopez, Lionel Ritchie and several other celebrities. 

DJ Holiday
BODYYMIND ONE DJ and Audio Producer.

DJ Holiday is the Music Director and afternoon DJ for 102.7 The Beach in Miami. Prior to that, he was DJ at Power 96 Miami. DJ Holiday has grown up with dance music having spent many nights spinning at Miami clubs.

Jenny Demay
BODYYMIND ONE Sports Expert.

Jenny Demay is a TV and Radio host. She started at Fun Radio and then Virgin Radio in France.                                 After being spotted, Jenny Demay joined TELE FOOT commenting on football news and sharing her love of the sport with viewers and big players. One of very few women hosting football TV shows in France. Join her 23.7K Followers on TIKTOK.

Sam Z aka Sam Zniber
BODYYMIND ONE Music Director and Founder.

At 18 years Sam Z was DJing in clubs in France and Switzerland.  Then he created the number one radio show in all of France at NRJ. Later Sam Z became the architect of music radio networks like Mix 106.5 Sydney, Magic 102.7 Miami, The Beat 92.5 Montreal, Galaxy 102 in Manchester, FUN RADIO, RTL2, RFM & Virgin Radio  in France.

Gaïdzag aka DJ Flex
BODYYMIND ONE DJ & Music Producer.

In 1997, Gaïdzag took control of the show "Extravadance" on NRJ France. Very quickly, he toured and produced before landing on Radio FG and Fun Radio France.  After “Supernova” album released by Universal Music, Pioneer hired him for its masterclasses.

Sylvain Cavet
BODYYMIND ONE Sound Designer.

The glamour, magnetism, and power of our sound comes from Sylvain. He is the magician making BODYYMIND ONE sounds like the Pacha in Ibiza or the Ministry of Sound in London. Sylvain designed sound for stations like CAPITAL RADIO UK, FUN RADIO, VIRGIN RADIO France. He is also the producer behind many dance hits in the past decades.

Walter Taieb
BODYYMIND ONE DJ & Music Producer.

Walter is currently #6 in the UK Pop Commercial chart and #22 in the UK Club Chart with "On top of the world".  He produced and composed the 1990s club classic, I Luv U Baby by The Original and has written music for Vanessa Mae, Cher, and Gloria Estefan. Throughout his musical career, Taieb has sold over 25 million records.

Florian Groovel
BODYYMIND ONE DJ & Music Producer.

French Producer, Florian Groovel first started producing music in the nineties.  At aged 10, he started taking saxophon and piano lessons, he studied music at the conservatory at Boulogne Billancourt. He discovers electronics in 1996 (Daft Punk) and started DJing in the 2000s. He played in several nightclubs in Paris as VIP Room, Faust, Maxim's, Batofar, Trabendo, Showcase with lot of artists as Derrick May, Mason, DJ Antonin, Adam Polo, Aufgang, TORB... 

 BODYYMIND ONE 3D Immersive Electronic Music Producer

For decades, ÉLÉPHANTMAT has been working in his studio equipped with a spatial audio system, composing the immersive Live in 3D space. ÉLÉPHANTMAT only plays live with 3D audio systems, and offers organic electronic music. Éléphantmat has made the immersive concert Capture at Le Grand Palais in Paris.

Howard Sharrock

Howard’s professional background is in accountancy but over the last thirty years he has embraced most aspects of SME compliance, governance and commercial activity. Howard has focused largely on media companies including chairing the Dance and Urban CHR radio station, Galaxy 102 in Manchester, England (now Capital Radio). Howard is a radio fan boy in all its forms and is simply fascinated by all forms of communication.

Marino Hernandez

Marino Hernandez is a media industry enthusiast with strong interest into digital businesses and technology driven innovative experiences. He is the Music Director and Founder of the Latin CHR Radio Group Sonido 104 in Dominican Republic, Marino is a "Music Sommelier" discovering good songs, finding future hits and crafting playlists for an uplifting and energetic mood.

Get in the mood. Join the movement.

What are your music platforms to get in the mood for a workout, for relaxation, an evening at home with friends or a romantic night? 

Or how can you simply enjoy music without having to worry about selecting the songs?

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FM Radio Stations?

But can you really cope with 5-8 mins of adverting breaks and bad jokes from DJs? News, weather and traffic are already on your phone, so will you tune in just for music?

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Our proposal is simple: At BODYYMIND ONE we use the best features and technology from both worlds:

24/7 unlimited listening without ads.  Smart and pleasurable mixing transitions between songs. Programmed by Sam Z & some of the best DJs on the planet. Sound magnified for smart speakers, AirPods and bluetooth connected devices.

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Playlist from Spotify and other music streaming services?

Deezer and Spotify's playlists only supply listeners with one song at a time without paying attention to the way songs relate to each other. Creating playlists is time consuming.  Playlists made by a user or an algorithm can be boring after a few songs. Streaming services do not provide sound processing, which is one the best features of FM Radio stations. 

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BODYYMIND ONE is based on the most recent technological innovations.

Innovative music research to select the best hits and potential hits powered by MUSICDATAK. Technology to support music programmers to create music programming based on parameters such as target audience satisfaction score, Mood, Danceability, Popularity, Musical genre , BPM, Energy, Acoustic properties, and Musical keys.

More BODYYMIND ONE features 


Updates from your favorite DJs & artists.


Interact with friends, listeners, embassadors and the team.


Specialty music shows from DJs worldwide on specific dates.


Through the app see your favourite songs in your LOVE list.


Use our polls and make your radio stations better.


Around 30% of our revenues goes to various societies of composers, authors and publishers.